Your First Steps in LogicNets

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Welcome to LogicNets!

This article has some suggested initial steps to help you become an expert user and designer of LogicNets-based applications. You are free to browse our entire community portal using the search function and use the navigation on the top bar, but we recommend the following steps to get you going quickly.  Follow the orange links below to go to the referenced article.

What is LogicNets?

First, we suggest some light reading to help you understand what LogicNets is all about. The following three articles are all in the First Steps section and you can access them by clicking the link.

  • What is LogicNets? (Click here to read the article.)
  • What Can I Do With LogicNets? (Read more here.)
  • How It Works and High-Level Concepts (Read more here and here.)

LogicNets' Visual Designer

When you first log into your Designer account you can click on the First-time User link to take a quick tour of our flagship product.

Example Gallery and Drinks for John

To help you learn about LogicNets and what you can do in the system we have created some example projects and how-to guides in the Example Gallery that you can review and try. You can download each of these examples and import them into your Designer -- run them and dig into them to learn how they are put together.

LogicNets 101 - Drinks for John is a fun project that uses the LogicNets Assessment Framework, which is one we suggest people start with in LogicNets. Here's a quick video of the that shows the resulting application you build in this training. We suggest importing the project into your Designer so you can run it, then inspect how it works, and even re-build it yourself adding in your own customization. The full project is available for download here.



Your First LogicNets Project

Once you've read the articles above, taken the tour in the Designer, and looked at Drinks for John, we also recommend that you look at these articles to give you a head start on creating your first application:

  • Learn how to use our Nodes Toolbox to build a pathway of steps. These steps can be user-facing and display things like a radiolist, or they can be system-facing steps that perform a calculation.
  • Discover the advantages of using one of our frameworks. We recommend starting a new project using the LogicNets Assessment Framework, but you can read about the Starter Application Framework Portal, Visual Navigation Framework, and Support Center Framework in this resource.
  • Add a logicnet and, after adding some steps, immediately test your application to see the fruits of your modeling work.

Need Help?

Don't forget to come back to the Community Portal (community.logicnets.com) for hundreds of articles on the platform, specific part descriptions, and simple example projects. You can post comments and suggestions or even "like" the articles you find useful.

If you need live help, log a ticket on our Support Portal.

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