High-Level Concepts

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Before diving into the LogicNets software, it might be helpful to read through high-level explanations of some of the concepts behind it. There is more detailed information on each of these in this support center.


The Visual Designer, or Designer, is where and how you create your applications. It's your central location and toolbox for building, testing, and publishing the logicnets, data, and other resources that make up your applications.


When you want to create an application, this is where you start. A Project is basically a folder, a place where you build all of the logicnets related to an application and the central location for the data, images, and layout details that go into your completed application. 


These are strings of steps you put together. Some of these steps are user-facing and contain text, questions, and/or images, and some of them system-facing and tell the system to save information, get information, perform a calculation, or send an email, for example. Your completed application can be one logicnet or many of them linked together. Resources

Your application is more than just strings of steps -- it's images, data, and layout and styling. We group these into a category we call Resources, and when you start a project the system sets up subfolders for each category. 


With LogicNets you can build your own applications from the ground up, but there are some functions that we know work well together. We put these together in groupings we call frameworks. Frameworks are groups of logicnets, data tables, and resources that LogicNets created to run your content and provide specific functionality. A framework does all the work of presenting your content or using data in a certain way and allows you to focus on modeling your expertise. We offer the Assessment, Support Center, WebServices, and Visual Navigation frameworks. We also offer the StarterApp framework, which includes workflow functionality.

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