Cron Job Clean Up Schedule

  • updated 1 yr ago

As the Scheduler Monitor runs, it stores data in a related database. Over time, this database can grow very large and slow down the functionality. To reduce the size of the database, the system cleans data out of the data base daily, removing data that is more than 7 days old by default.

For large systems where many cronjobs run each day, you may want to reduce the retention period. For other systems you may want to keep the logs for longer.

To change the cleanup schedule add the following text to the system settings.cfg file located at <installation-path>\dat\settings.cfg. (Note that your standard installation will not have this configuration setting already in place - you will need to add it).

The example shows the setting when cronjob files need to be kept for 1 day).

_session = {
         retention_period = 1
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