Assigning Users and Packages to Groups

Groups allow you to simplify the management of user access to specific packages and roles. In Access Management you can create a group, specify what users who belong to that group can see and do in the system, and then assign users to that group. 

In Release 7.3 and earlier, packages/roles can be assigned to a user directly, but current and future Releases manage this via group functionality, in line with user management best practices.

Create a Group

  1. From your LogicNets dashboard, click on the Access Management tile.
  2. Go to Groups.
  3. Click new to create a new group.
  4. Give your group a name and click Add.
  5. Add users to the group. In the Group details section select users by picking them from the Users dropdown list.
  6. Add any published packages that members of this group are authorized to access.
  7. (Optional Step) Add any workspaces (Designer accounts) that members of this group are authorized to access.
  8. Click Save to save your changes to this group.

Link Users to Groups

There are multiple ways to link a user to a group:

  1. Modify an existing group and add users to the group from the Local Users dropdown menu.
  2. While creating a new user, assign the user to one or more existing groups using the Groups dropdown menu.

Single User Assignment

See the article Assigning Packages to Users  - Differences in Release 7.3 vs Release 7.4 for information about single user assignments and the Release 7.4 switch to managing users by group.

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