Support Center Framework Overview

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The Support Center Framework is an framework on which you can build targeted applications, like you can with the Assessment Framework, Web Services Framework, Starter Application Framework, and Visual Navigation Framework

More specifically, you can use the Support Center Framework to build an interactive application that helps your customers to troubleshoot or analyze problems; for example, a malfunctioning device or piece of equipment at your company. You model content that walks your users step-by-step through the procedure to narrow down possible causes/root causes for a problem. Along the way, you can include instructions to guide users on where to look or what actions to take to confirm a problem area.

The Predictive Analytics feature in the Support Center Framework enhances guided diagnostics and troubleshooting applications by allowing the designer to indicate specific outcomes or root causes within the modeled diagnostic pathways. Once deployed, the AI automatically tracks how users traverse the decision pathways to arrive at and indicate particular root causes.  

Additionally, using historical data, your system can display predicted possible causes. It will also indicate the most likely of the cause, based on previously confirmed causes.

Architecture Diagram

The above architecture diagram gives a flavor of the process and components of a typical Support Center Framework application that includes:

  1. users answering questions, making observations and being given instructions
  2. the application constantly assessing the probability and confidence of potential causes.
    Any cause with zero probability of being chosen (due to the logic model) is removed from the list
  3. When all causes bar one are eliminated, or when the user has sufficient confidence, they select a cause from the remaining list
  4. In confirming the cause, the user provides any additional information requested by the model
  5. User SUBMITS their response, and the cause/observations update the statistics for future sesssions

In the remaining articles in this section of the Community Portal, each part of the Support Center Framework application is outlined in more detail, along with various customization points. Click on the last breadcrumb at the top to see a list of relevant topics.

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