Create a Cron Job Logicnet

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To create a cron job you model a logicnet and each cron job you create should be in its own logicnet.

  1. Open the project in which you want to create your cron job.
  2. Navigate to the logicnets folder in the tree view and create a subfolder called cronjobs.
  3. In the cronjobs folder, create a logicnet for the cron job . Note: You can add multiple cron job logicnets to this folder. Each logicnet should be a separate, invokable cron job. Your cron jobs can reach out to logicnets outside of the cronjobs subfolder, but the cron job logicnets themselves must be in the cronjobs subfolder.
  4. Model the cron job logicnet to perform the processing you want it to do. Remember to use only process nodes and system-facing node types. User-facing node types cannot be used in cron jobs.
  5. Add any system messages (status, status code details) that you want to see/show in the Monitor (to confirm the cron job was successful, report number of transactions processed, etc.)
  6. When you have finished creating your cron job publish the project.
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