Custom Layout Template Updates v7.4

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LogicNets provides standard layout templates in all frameworks and you can also create your own layout and formatting. Both of these options use a combination of JavaScript (JS) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). With LogicNets v7.4, LogicNets has updated all of our system packages and frameworks to the latest versions of jQuery and jQuery UI. If you have custom templates and layouts, you will need to update them for use in v7.4 and higher. This is because older versions of jQuery will not be available in the system.

Do I Need to Update My Applications?

If your applications use frameworks and the associated LogicNets-provided templates you do not need to take any action. If you created custom layout templates for your projects you will need to update your application layout setup using the information below.

If there is a reason you need to continue to use an older version of jQuery, you can only do so in standalone projects – projects that do not use frameworks. 

Update Your Custom Layout Templates and Project Settings

Previously, you may have put JS and CSS includes directly in your custom layout templates. However, it is now better practice to put placeholders for these includes in your custom layout and configure the includes in the layout section of your project settings. Note: By using project@/resources/layout/js/* and project@/resources/layout/css/* in your Layout settings, you can automatically include all .css and .js files from your js and css folders in your project.

In the project layout settings you can then also include jQuery using the [[$jqueryDependencies]] placeholder.

To update your custom layout template, replace any hardcoded JS or CSS references with the following: 


With those references in your layout template, configure your JS and CSS includes in the Layout section of your project settings.


Layout Settings

To determine which includes need to be in your Layout settings, it is best to contact LogicNets for assistance.

Using an Older Version of jQuery

If you need to use an older version of jQuery in your project, you can only do this in projects that are not based on frameworks. To update the project, add the older jQuery version to your project's resources/layout/js folder and add the JavaScript to your layout template. Import the jQuery files into the css and js folders of your project and include them.

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