LogicNets Workflow Module (LN-WFF)

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License: per user of Workflow Module-driven applications


  1. Supports use of both named and concurrent user licenses
  2. Can be used in conjunction with the Base System and all LogicNets Use Case Frameworks to invoke and manage applications as part of a workflow
  3. When used to automate web services-based non-interactive applications, must be licensed on a web services transactions basis.

LN-WFF Description

The Workflow Module is a set of LogicNets parts and plug-in libraries that enable LogicNets models to appropriately handle complex workflow tasks.  With the Workflow Module, as LogicNets applications execute their modeled workflow, they create tasks and invoke corresponding automated task management processes.  Tasks are assigned to machine and human users based on their respective roles. The system is then capable of monitoring and evaluating task progress and automatically transitioning through workflow task sequences and assigned users.  The WFF can use web services to interact with external systems, invoke LogicNets processes in the base system, and invoke LogicNets Framework applications for structuring delivery of modeled processes.

The Workflow Module is usually deployed with the Starter App Framework as the means of giving users visibility into the tasks that have been assigned to them, task status and the ability to open a task, complete it, and progress through the managed workflow.  The tasks managed by the WFF are typically implemented in LogicNets as projects built on either the base system or one of the frameworks, such as the ASF.  

Services and Deployment Considerations

The Workflow Framework requires LogicNets Design and Deployment Services (LN-DS, LN-TS) since this module is in BETA.  Services include:

  • Configuration of the Designer to support customer workflow concepts
  • Customer-specific user and task management configuration
  • Integration with external applications, including task, scheduling, and user management systems
  • Workflow Designer training

These services usually require development and acceptance by customer of a formal SoW.


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