Create a Logicnet with MLS

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Once you have created a project you can start creating your application by adding the first logicnet. The MLS functionality allows users to create logicnets just as they normally would, without worrying about which elements need to be translated. The system knows that if text is being displayed to a user or used for selection options it will need to be translated. The system then assigns a unique identifier (translation key) to each word or phrase used in creating a logicnet.

  1. With the logicnets folder selected, click the icon to add a new logicnet.

  2. Add nodes and parts as you would for any logicnet; for example, add a radio button form part node. Enter the question, data object, and options and click save.

    The system creates the radio button, which you can see when you test.

  3. Add new form part nodes after the first node; for example, add three additional text input or text area form parts.

    Note: As you type the system displays on a dropdown menu the list of potential matches for the caption using words or phrases already in the application. Select a matching item from the dropdown menu or continue typing to add a new word or phrase.


    If you select an existing word or phrase LogicNets attaches the previously created translation key to this data object. If you add a new item the system creates a new translation key for it.
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