Add Call Nodes

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A call node is a system-facing step that allows you to connect logicnets together. The Add Call Nodes menu allows you to add call nodes to a node that has multiple output options. This includes radiolists and dropdowns when Route on output is checked, routers, and rule nodes.  Note that radiolists that use collections or tables for inputs cannot benefit from this option, as the system doesn't generate those outputs until runtime.

Used With: You can use the Add Call Nodes function with any node with multiple outputs.


As an example, create a radiolist node with three output options and check the Route on output checkbox. Remember: If you do not check the Route on output option the system will not display the Add Call Nodes option in the selection menu.


Right-click on your node and the system displays the option menu. In the menu, select add call nodes.


The system then adds call node for each output, connecting the call nodes to each output option and adding the output caption of the option as the node label if you specified one. 



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