Paste a Linked Copy of a Logicnet

Cut and paste functionality allows you to create a separate copy of a particular logicnet, but the paste-link function allows you to paste the same logicnet in multiple projects. The original and the pasted copy are linked such that if you make a change in the original OR linked copy logicnet the change also appears automatically in the other.

This is a useful feature when you want to include some common questions or processes in two projects and you want to avoid having to update multiple copies.

1. To create a linked copy of a logicnet click on the logicnet you want to copy and click the Copy icon at the top of the Projects pane as you would for the regular copy feature.



2. Click on the folder into which you want to place the linked copy of your logicnet and click the Paste Link icon at the top of the Projects pane.

Note: When you create a linked copy of a logicnet you will see an icon next to the original logicnet that shows this is the original of a linked set or series of logicnets.


The linked copy has an arrow icon that shows you that this logicnet is linked to another one, and a tooltip appears to indicate the location of the original logicnet.


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