Log, Session, and Trace File Cleanup


When a user runs a LogicNets-based application the system writes session files, log files, and trace files to the server, and the number of these files grows over time unless the system cleans them. LogicNets has a cron job--a time-based job scheduler that runs at fixed times, dates, or intervals--to remove those files, and you can configure the age of files targeted for cleanup. The default retention period is 7 days, meaning the system will remove any file older than 7 days at the time the cron job runs.

For heavy-use installations, you may want your System Administrator to define a shorter period of retention. For example, a retention period of 2 days means that every day the cron job looks for files that are more than 2 days old and removes them. Note: The frequency and timing of the cleanup cron job is currently fixed. It runs every 24 hours and the timing is set for the time of installation; for example, if the installation is done at 6am the cron job will run at 6am every day.


To change the cron job cleanup schedule add the following text to the system settings.cfg file located at <installation-path>\dat\settings.cfg. The retention period is the number of days a file should remain on the system before being removed and it can be any positive number, stated in days.

_global = {
  cleanup = { retention_period = 1, } --days
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