LogicNets' Version Numbering, Release, and Maintenance Policy

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Version Numbering

The version notation for LogicNets’ platform software consists of three numbers in the order X.Y.Z.

  • X stands for the major version. It designates a significant change in the LogicNets platform (e.g. like a step from Windows 7 to Window 10).
  • Y stands for the minor version. It designates new features added to the LogicNets platform that are of moderate nature.
  • Z stands for a sub (intermediate)-version and is closely tied our release strategy.

Additionally, there is a revision number next to the X.Y.Z number. The revision number is tied to our code archive and serves as a link between a software release and the code in the archive.



Release Strategy

The scope of each X.Y release is derived from the LogicNets product roadmap. An X.Y release is released in a staged approach:

  • The first version(s) is shared with a small group of customers (Limited Release). These customers are either early adopters participating in a beta program or customers who are actively involved in trying out the new platform features.
    • In some cases, these first versions may contain only a subset of the planned features of the release.
    • Development continues after Limited Release until all scoped features are finalized.
  • Once all scoped features are finalized, LogicNets creates a Generally Available version of the release, which becomes the active platform release. By its definition, this release is generally available for the LogicNets' customer base.
    • Official release notes are distributed for this version.
    • Customers who received earlier sub (intermediate)-versions of the X.Y release are actively rolled up to the GA release.

Maintenance Strategy

  • LogicNets performs active support and maintenance on all Generally Available versions made available within the past two years. In addition, LogicNets retires Generally Available versions after a period of two years.
    • LogicNets advises customers to regularly upgrade to the latest release, as each release includes many useful improvements.
  • LogicNets resolves Critical and Major bugs on all active releases. Minor and moderate issues are resolved only on the currently active release.
  • Minor, moderate, major, and critical issues will be resolved in releases depending on the phase of the release and how it applies to our contractual SLAs.
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