Using the LogicNets Ticketing Portal

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The LogicNets support portal that has been provided to your group to report problems and ask questions about using our software for your business needs. LogicNets asks you to fill in specific details concerning identified system issues or open questions so our technical team is best able to help you.

A PDF copy of the following articles is available to download here.

Request an Account

To request a new account contact your LogicNets point of contact. You can also request a new account for a colleague by selecting "Request a new account" from the Support Portal home page and entering your colleague's name and email address. Please remember to use only your company-provided email addresses, as the Support Portal sends notifications and updates based on this address. 


Update the Status of a Ticket or Comment on Its Status

There are times that you will want to update the status of your ticket; for example, if the issue has been successfully resolved. To update a ticket's status click the ticket to select it. On the right side of the screen you will see the following options:

  • Resolve this issue. This indicates that the problem has been resolved or your request has been answered to your satisfaction and the ticket can be closed.
  • Respond to support. This indicates that you want to add a comment or message to the ticket for the LogicNets support team.


Log into the Support Portal

Using the URL LogicNets provided you to the Support Portal, go to the portal login page. The URL will look something like this: https://<company name>support.logicnets.com. And the login screen looks like this:


Each user has his own account, based on their company email address and a password. LogicNets does not provide a password for a user's first login. Simply click "Forgot your password?" and you will receive an email that allows you to set/reset your password.

Once you have logged in to the Support Portal, you will see the portal home screen, where you can choose between:

  • Reporting a production problem
  • Requesting a change
  • Asking a support question
  • Requesting a new account for a colleague
  • Looking at all (outstanding) requests entered by you and/or your colleagues


Report a Production Problem

When you encounter a production problem with your LogicNets system use the Support Portal to report the issue. To help LogicNets solve your problem as quickly as possible please fill in all required information, including steps to reproduce the problem, the version number of your system, any configuration details, and screen shots if available. The more complete the initial request, the more likely we will be able to initiate working on it without coming back with more questions!

Based on your support contract and agreed-upon response times, please fill in the business impact section, so the LogicNets team can understand the urgency of your issue. Indicate any complete or partial workarounds you have already identified.

An example is shown below. 


Request New or Modified Functionality

If there is new functionality or changes to existing functionality you would like in the Designer or in your LogicNets-based applications, you can submit a request using the Support Portal. The LogicNets team will evaluate your request and determine if the change is possible, if there is a charge required for this change, and when the LogicNets team can schedule the work into the development calendar.




Ask a Support Question

You can use the Support Portal to ask a general question about (or request help with) LogicNets functionality. To do this select "Support request" from the portal home page.

Note that any information provided into the LogicNets Support Portal is specific to your organization and account.  We therefore recommend using this when your question includes confidential information about your application or business.

Otherwise, general questions about documentation can be asked by posting in our community website by selecting Post a Reply at the bottom of this article.




Review Status and Information in Your Requests

You can retrieve an overview from the portal of all of your requests/tickets.

To do this click "Requests" at the top-right-side of the main screen of the support portal.

The portal will display your filter options, which include the following:

  • Text in the request/ticket
  • Status
  • Who created the request/ticket
  • Type of request (Production problem, New account, Support request)

The system will display a list of requests based on the filters provided. You can view the details of the ticket by clicking on it.

Ticket Status

Your ticket can be in one of following states:

  • Support Ticket Logged. This indicates that your new ticket has been received successfully via the support portal.
  • Waiting for Support. This indicates that LogicNets has started working on the ticket.
  • Waiting for Customer. This indicates that LogicNets is awaiting further information from you to continue working on the ticket.
  • Resolved. This indicates that the ticket has been resolved.

Modify Your Profile or Log Out

On the right side of the main screen of the support portal, you will see your avatar or picture. By clicking on it, you can select the option to modify your profile/personal information or you can select the option to log out.


Reopen a Ticket

In the Support Portal you are able to reopen a previously closed ticket. To do so, filter the list of requests by "Closed requests" and select the one you want to reopen. On the right side of the screen, click the "Reopen issue" option. Enter any updates you would like to make in the ticket.


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