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The Checkbox form part allows you to display a checkbox to your application user and to assign a value if the user checks the checkbox or leaves it blank.


With this form part you can display a checkbox in your application. You can preset the value of the checkbox if the user checks it or if the user leaves it blank. This form part is available without a framework and it is also available for use with the StarterApp and Assessment Frameworks.

Editor Fields

Basic Tab

Field Name Description/Use Type/Options Optional/Mandatory
Caption This is the text the system displays next to the checkbox. Text Optional
Data object This is the name of the data object. Text Mandatory
Submit on select If this checkbox is checked the system will advance the logicnet when the user clicks the checkbox. Checkbox Optional
Checked value This is the value the system assigns to the data object if the user checks the checkbox. Text | Number Mandatory
Unchecked value This is the value the system assigns to the data object if the user leaves the checkbox blank. Text | Number Mandatory
Disable input If you check this checkbox your application users are not allowed to check or uncheck the checkbox. The checkbox is read-only. Checkbox Optional
Data object type This tells the system if the checkbox value is text or a number. Text | Number Mandatory

Advanced Tab

Field Name Description/Use Type/Options Optional/Mandatory
Captions (v8.1+) This allows you to specify different captions based on rules. The system only displays one caption, the last caption in the table the rule determines to be true. If there is no rule the system determines to be true, the system uses the 'standard' caption. For an example, see Multi-Caption Example Project. Text Optional
Disable input expression Use this to disable the input based on the value of another variable by entering $(...). It prevents the user from editing/changing the selected option. Otherwise, this will reflect the "Disable Input" checkbox setting in the Style tab (1 for disabled, 0 for enabled). Text Optional
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