Dialogue (Popup)

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The dialogue/popup allows application user to open a form in a popup window. Note: This topic details the use of the popup window in LogicNets v7.4 and higher. For information about using it in lower versions, see Popup Window (v7.3 and Lower).

Node Type: This is a form-part node type.

Used With: This node type is used in conjunction with the Assessment Framework.


You can use the dialogue/popup form-part node to render a button or a link in an application. When a user clicks the button or link the system opens a popup window containing the called logicnet that you specify when setting up the node. You can also add custom buttons on the popup window.


Please download and import the following example project in your workspace.

Editor Fields

Field Name Description Type/Options Optional/Mandatory
Show as button: This option allows you to display a button to launch the popup.
link: This option allows you to display a link to launch the popup.
button | link Mandatory
Call logicnet This is the name of the logicnet the system will load inside the popup window. Text Mandatory
Display text This is the text the system will print on the button or link to launch the popup window. Text Mandatory
Popup title This is the text the system will display as the title of the popup window. Text Optional
Actions This is a list of custom buttons the system will show in the popup window.
Caption: Text to be displayed on the button.
Call logicnet: Name of the logicnet to be called when the button is clicked.
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