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The Knowledge Center is a standalone application in LogicNets that can store knowledge content of various types, including text, graphics, PDFs, and URL links. You can use it as a standalone application, but is most often used in conjunction with another LogicNets application, such as the Assessment Framework. Two common use cases for the Knowledge Center are:

  • Storing additional information that is then linked to specific questions in an assessment to help users understand the question being asked and/or the answer choices.
  • Serving as a search or report repository where different articles are presented or written into a report based on user selections in an application.


Creating and Editing Knowledge Center Articles

You can create Knowledge Center articles and organized them into folders in the left pane, like the Project Pane in the Designer.

  1. To create a new topic or article, click the Knowledge Center header or the folder where you want to put the topic.
  2. Click the New Document icon.

  3. Enter a name for your article.
  4. In the text box, enter the image, text, or link you want to include.
  5. Click Save to save your changes.


Formatting Your Knowledge Center Topics

The text edit box includes a menu with a number of formatting features, including text formatting options. There are also additional feature options as well.


  1. File Upload: You can use this button to import images, documents, PDFs. This also gives you the option of displaying the information in a frame or as a clickable link.
  2. Paste as Text: This button allows you to paste content copied from Microsoft Word. It remvoes hidden formatting often included in pasted text.
  3. HTML View: This allows you to view the content at the HTML level so you can manage DIVs, inline styling, and image size, for example.
  4. URL: This button allows you to add a URL to either a publicly available or internal "intranet" web address.

Note that currently media formats such as mp4 are not supported. We recommend including a URL link to vimeo or other video site to connect any appropriate media with your LogicNets application.

Knowledge Center Meta Data

In addition to the topic content, you can add additional meta data in free-text fields (external id, version) or using tags. Tags are useful in applications where a specific logicnet node can be configured to display any/all Knowledge Center articles with a specific tag. This feature can be used, for example:

  • To show a map image of a particular store based on the user selecting a store number in the application.
  • To show medical content associated with treatment options based on the treatment options being displayed.
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