FHIR Questionnaire System Overview

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The LogicNets system realizes FHIR Questionnaire export functionality with several components.

LogicNets Components

These components are available with the purchase of the LN-FQR license.



Developed by




The LogicNets Designer is an authoring tool that can be used by the SME to create and maintain guideline content.

Guideline Projects


A Guideline project is a project that contains the guideline content. The SME uses the Designer to create and maintain the guideline projects.

Guideline Packages


When a Guideline project is ready for testing or for production, you publish the project. The result of the publishing step is a Guideline package.

Guideline FHIR Questionnaires


You can convert guideline projects and packages to FHIR Questionnaires that can be executed inside the FhirTestHarness or using the LogicNets FHIR Questionnaire runtime or a runtime developed by another supplier.


LogicNets (customizable)

The FhirTestHarness is a tool that is integrated with the Designer and SMEs can use it to test the modeled content directly from the Designer. The FhirTestHarness converts the current state of the content to a FHIR Questionnaire format and executes the content using the LogicNets FHIR Questionnaire runtime. You can also customize the FhirTestHarness.



This is a REST API that allows clients to query and retrieve available FHIR Questionnaires. The documentation of the API is located at the following URL: https://<host-name>/<company>/ApiDoc.

FHIR Questionnaire Runtime

LogicNets / Customer

This is a runtime that can render/execute an FHIR Questionnaire. LogicNets delivers an implementation of this runtime, but you can also use runtimes developed by other vendors.

LogicNets Runtime


This is the LogicNets server-side runtime used by the LogicNets tools.


LogicNets / Customer

This (test-)client connects to the ExportAPI to retrieve an FHIR Questionnaire and uses an FHIR Questionnaire runtime to execute/render the Questionnaire. LogicNets delivers a test/demo test client, which can be retrieved via the ExportAPI, but customers can also implement an own client.


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