LogicNets CDS Hooks Framework (LN-CDS)

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License: Per LogicNets Installation 


  1. Available through Enterprise License options
  2. Optionally licensed on a per web services transaction basis
  3. Supports use of Informatics Mapping with LN-INF
  4. Serves as an alternative to the Web Services Framework when the CDS Hooks integration methodology is required

LN-CDS Description

The LogicNets CDS Hooks Framework is specifically designed to allow healthcare organizations to automate advanced clinical decision support (CDS)  through tight integration with the patient record and medical workflow using HL7’s recommended CDS Hooks protocols and methodology.  The framework presents at runtime a standard CDS Hooks API that allows EHR systems to invoke the service, authenticate securely and pass patient data necessary to automate a CDS consultation through the Base system or the Use Case Frameworks.  It also allows clinical pathways modeled as interactive processes in LogicNets to be navigated in a “silent” mode using data received from the EHR to provide the routing input for navigating the pathways.  Having navigated to an endpoint, the system generates a results and history package which it returns through the API to the invoking application.  

If sufficient data is not available to navigate modeled logic to an endpoint in silent mode, the framework includes in its history package the URL for the clinical pathways package and the specific session that was opened.  The invoking program can then re-connect to the original session to display the live CDS pathway and allow the user to interactively provide the information necessary to reach a conclusion and generate results.  

Services and Deployment Considerations

The CDS Hooks Framework is delivered as a controlled release and requires LogicNets Design and Deployment Services for delivery and deployment.  Design and custom configurations are required in all cases to meet and properly process the specific attributes of the digital content made available through the API.  These services are scoped and delivered based on analysis of application and content requirements and require development and acceptance by customer of a formal SoW      

LogicNets offers training services (LN-TS) for interacting with the CDS Hooks API which can be adjusted based on the user’s familiarity with Web Services and the CDS Hooks protocol.   


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