LogicNets Knowledge Center (LN-KC)

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License Basis: Per named content curator user


  1. Used in conjunction with the Designer (D) and the ASF (MDF), SAF, SCF, or VGN Use Case frameworks
  2. Provides a structured content management environment for traditional content to be managed and integrated with modeled content in the LogicNets Designer
  3. Supports run-time access by LogicNets applications to curated traditional content, independent of the number of application end-users
  4. The KC part is intended for staff involved in creating and maintaining applications written in LogicNets.  The KCU part should be used when the application end-users need to curate traditional content (see below).  

LN-KC Description

The Knowledge Center is a traditional knowledge base and management system designed in LogicNets.  It provides a content management environment that organizations can use to create, organize, and maintain content in common digital formats so that the content can be selected and made conditionally available to users of the applications created with the LogicNets designer.   LogicNets has integrated the Knowledge Center with the LogicNets Designer so that content maintained in the Knowledge Center can be dynamically and contextually linked by designer users to discreet steps in their logicnet decision trees.   When end users of the application land on a linked step, the application displays the content or indicates that it is available.  

A benefit of the Knowledge Center is that it allows for division of labor between different resources in the application development process.   “Curator” staff that may not be experts in the decision logic, can use the Knowledge Center’s separate non-technical interface to organize content in a virtual file system where folders can be visually manipulated, and content can be classified with meta data and tagging.  Curators can import pre-existing documents and files of all sorts into the system or create them within the application using the embedded HTML5 editor.  Designer users can then easily search for the content articles and link them explicitly or through rules to the modeled content steps where they are to be displayed in the run-time application.  

Services and Deployment Considerations

No additional services are required for basic deployment of the Knowledge Center.  

Optional LogicNets Training Services (LN-TS) are available to teach both designer and “curator” users how to create and manage content resources and how to work in the Designer to link that content to specific steps in a LogicNets application’s decision logic.  

Note that LogicNets applications can be linked via web services to external content management and knowledgebase systems.  LogicNets Design and Deployment Services can be acquired to enable this as an alternative to using the Knowledge Center. 


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