Delete a Logicnet

Delete a Logicnet

Deleting a logicnet removes it from the system completely, so be sure you want to delete a logicnet before you do it.

1. To delete a logicnet click on the logicnet you want to delete. At the top of the Projects pane click the Delete icon.


2. The system will verify that you want to remove this logicnet. Click OK to continue with the deletion.



Delete a Paste-Linked Logicnet

There is no difference to the above process when deleting the paste-linked (or child) logicnet

Delete the Original of a Paste-Linked Logicnet

When deleting the original (parent) logicnet that has paste-linked copies elsewhere, you are presented with a confirmation box before the system deletes all copies of the logicnet - the parent AND any paste-linked copies in other projects.


Retrieve Deleted Logicnets from Backups

WARNING: there is no UNDO feature at the logicnet level!

For LogicNets-hosted development environments, backups are made on a regular basis, usually overnight 7 days per week unless a different contractual requirement is in place. Contact your LogicNets Project Manager to request retrieval of deleted nets.

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