Workspace Migration

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When you upgrade your Designer to the latest LogicNets release, older projects and applications may not have access to the full functionality offered in the LogicNets Designer. LogicNets has developed a process that runs when you start up your Designer and verifies if all projects have access to the full range of functionality. The system allows you to convert all legacy projects to the latest version in a single step. 

LogicNets recommends converting all development projects so you have access to the latest Designer features. If you are unsure about whether to convert your projects, please discuss this with your LogicNets Project Manager, or request help via LogicNets Support. 

Migrate Your Workspace

LogicNets runs the detection process automatically as part of Designer startup checks. For typical workspaces with a handful of projects/versions the process may take a few seconds. For larger workspaces the process may take between 5 and 15 seconds, but the timing depends on other network factors as well.

If any projects can be converted the Designer displays the message "Legacy projects detected"


  1. Click Convert and LogicNets will create copies of the listed projects in the current version format. You can then edit these projects in the LogicNets Designer using any of the most-recent features. Two of the more important features the conversion process gives you access to are:
    - Search: This allows you ot search for and locate on the graph any object, parameter, or node text.
    - Export: This allows you to easily share a project with a user in a separate Designer account. 
  2. If you click Cancel, LogicNets will not convert the projects but the system will identify them the next time you open the Designer.

Note: Once LogicNets converts a legacy project it deletes the original and no backup (other than through the agreed backup policies in place per the client contract).

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