Instance Management

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With Release 7.4, LogicNets introduced a command-line script that allows administrators to manage companies inside an installation. This instance-management script is located in the system/scripts folder of your installation, and it is called instancemanagement.bat for Windows and instancemanagement.sh for CentOS. When you run this script without parameters or with the –help parameter the system will return a list of available commands and parameters.


When you run the instance-management script, you have the options detailed below.


Instance Management

 <version|currentdatetime|listpackages> [<company>] [<action-params>] 

     --help                         showing this help information
     --output=[all|none|error|bare] hide any output 



instancemanagement version 


Current Date and Time

instancemanagement currentdatetime 


List Packages

instancemanagement listpackages      

   --filter=<filter> Comma separated list of groups where user is added
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