1. Introduction to CDS API


The CDS API describes a "hook"-based pattern for invoking decision support from within a clinician's workflow. The basic components of CDS Hooks are:

  • CDS Service: A decision support service that accepts requests containing patient information and provides responses.
  • CDS Client or EHR: An electronic health record or other clinical information system that consumes decision support in the form of services may provide an authorization and FHIR resource server.
  • Hook: A defined point within the client system's workflow with well-known contextual information provided as part of the request.
  • Card: Guidance from decision support services is returned in the form of cards representing discrete recommendations or suggestions that are presented to the user within the CDS Client.

CDS Service

In CDS Hooks, a CDS Service is a service that provides patient-specific recommendations and guidance through RESTful APIs, as described by this specification. The primary APIs are Discovery, which allows a CDS Developer to publish the types of CDS Services it provides, and the Service Endpoint that CDS Clients use to request decision support.

CDS Client

A CDS Client is an electronic health record or other clinical information system that consumes decision support by calling CDS Services at specific points in the application's workflow. These points are called hooks. Each hook defines the hook context, which is contextual information available within the client and specific to the workflow. Each service advertises which hooks it supports and what prefetch data (information needed by the CDS Service to determine what decision support should be presented) it requires.

Decision support is then returned to the CDS Client in the form of cards, which the client may display to the end user as part of their workflow. Cards may be informational, they may provide suggestions that the user may accept or reject, or they may provide a link to additional information, which the CDS Client can use to launch an app when additional user interaction is required.

CMS Claim Details

For more information about how the AUC information needs to be used in the claim filings see: https://www.cms.gov/files/document/se20002.pdf

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