Web Service Input Output Data

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Input Data

When your end-point logicnet is invoked, the following dataobjects will be available from the context. 

All input data will be stored in the dataobject ‘__in’

__in.content:= the body of the request

__in.raw_content:= the non-converted original posted body of the request

__in.parameters:= the request parameters

__request_info:= information about the request method and content type

Output Data

In order to return results back to the caller, the results should be stored to the __out.result

__out.status_code := the status code that will be returned to caller.

The framework sets it by default to 200 OK, but it can be overridden in your logicnet. 

Data Models and Functions

End-point logicnets can also be turned into functions and accept datamodels as a type for the input objects. This makes it convenient to look up the data objects that can be used from within the function.

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