Cookies Deprecated in Chrome

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As of 2024, Chrome is deprecating third-party cookies, just as Firefox and Safari did previously. For more technical information on this cookie phase-out, see https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/blog/goodbye-third-party-cookies/

Cookie Use

LogicNets uses cookies to secure sessions and to ensure users do not log in multiple times to the same session. For more information on this, see Preventing Session Hijacking.

Third-Party Cookie Use

By default, LogicNets does not use third-party cookies. However, to support running LogicNets inside an iFrame, our system allows you to change the same-site attribute to "None" through system configuration--see System Configuration Security Settings. When you make this change to the same-site attribute the LogicNets cookies behave as third-party cookies, which means a browser may block them when LogicNets runs in an iFrame and the user will be asked to log in a second time, even if logged into the main site.

Verifying if Your LogicNets Solution Uses Third-Party Cookies

You can set your browser to block third-party cookies in the browser settings. Chrome 118+ also has a flag that, when enabled, sets Chrome to block third-party cookies. See chrome://flags/#test-third-party-cookie-phaseout for more detailed information about this. This flag lets you ensure that new functionality and mitigations are active to best simulate what your users will experience once Chrome fully implements their changes.

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