Test a Logicnet

To test your project and logicnets you use the test, debug, and debugger options. Click the arrow on the test button and a dropdown menu of these test options appears. Click the one you want to use.


  • Test runs your logicnet, always beginning from the start circle. No other logicnet is run unless it is called from this logicnet. [Note that testing a framework is done from the TEST button at the project level]
  • Debug runs your logicnet but additionally displays messages that may help you debug if your project is not working as you may have expected.
  • Debugger opens a new window and shows a much more detailed suite of debugging tools. Note: Debugger is not available in all user profiles and is an advanced feature of the LogicNets Designer. 

Most users use the test button almost exclusively, in conjunction with the DATA tab, for troubleshooting purposes.

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