Application Starter Framework Overview

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LogicNets offers frameworks for many different functions, but the Application Starter Framework is designed to allow you to create a Portal Application – an application that can be the starting place for most of your applications. A Portal Application acts as a centralized hub application from which you can connect to and send data between all of your LogicNets-based applications. It can also send data to applications outside of LogicNets.

When you use the Application Starter Portal Framework to build a Portal Application the system provides the basic structure of the application, including the way your applications look on the screen and how each section of the screen is defined and responds. It also allows you to gather, manage, and exchange data.



Why Use the Application Starter Portal Framework?

The Application Starter is a semi-final application that already has the following functionality:

  • Configurable, multi-section application layout 
  • Functions for launching your modeled applications as well as for sending data to and retrieving data from your modeled applications 
  • Functions for dynamically querying the system for installed content packages based on their name, category, or assigned tags
  • Workflow framework for implementing multi-user collaboration with your modeled logicnets applications.


Click here or on the breadcrumb folder above for more articles going into various topics associated with this framework. 

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