Introduction to External Document Storage

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External document storage refers to storing data outside of the LogicNets system; for example, structured data generated by a protocol running in the LogicNets Assessment Application might need to be stored in a system that is outside of LogicNets. Data (document) that is stored in the external system must be loadable by LogicNets to rebuild a previous protocol session. The LogicNets system can be started by the External System such way that the LogicNets system knows which document must be loaded or that the LogicNets system provides a UI that allows users to select documents stored on an external storage system.

External Storage System (ESS)

  • (Optionally) Provides a UI to the user to create, open, delete documents
  • (Optionally) Implements document version management
  • Ensures that one document is opened by one user at a time
  • (Optionally) Handles access rights
  • Start the LogicNets system to create or edit a document
  • Offers a web-service for loading documents
  • Offers a web-service for saving documents

LogicNets Systems (LS)

  • (Optionally) Verifies user authentication and authorization
  • Validates whether the document is already opened by another user or in another session
  • Loads the document from the external storage system
  • Creates a LogicNets session from the loaded document
  • Determines based on the start-parameters or the installed protocols which protocol needs to be started. When necessary it interacts with the user to select a protocol.
  • Starts the Assessment Protocol with the loaded document
  • Allows the user to interact with the protocol
  • Updates the document meta data in such way the document can be reloaded a next time
  • Saves the document to the external storage system
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