External Workspace Management Overview


The External Workspace Management functionality enables the management of LogicNets projects and workspaces outside the LogicNets Designer Environment.

System Definitions

Document Management System (DMS) 

  • Provides a UI to manage LogicNets projects in the DMS 
  • Allows creation and deletion of projects 

  • Handles version management of projects and avoids parallel editing of the same project 

  • Handles access rights 

  • Allows selecting of a project for editing 

  • Starts the LogicNets designer environment to edit the selected project 

  • Offers a web-service for loading projects

  • Offers a web-service for saving projects 

LogicNets Design Environment (LDE) 

  • Creates a temporary workspace for all selected projects 

  • Loads the actual project data from the document management system and starts the designer UI

  • Supports all normal LogicNets Designer functionality

  • Allows the user the close the designer 

  • Saves the project data to the document management system and closes the designer UI 

Detailed Process Flow

The DMS manages the workflow of an LogicNets project. When user open a LogicNets project in the DMS, it launches the LogicNets Designer with a DMS session id. The LogicNets Designer then receives the start request and places a web request with this DMS session id to pull the related LogicNets project and dependencies. The purpose of this web service is to provide a gateway for LogicNets Designer to pull the LogicNets project from the DMS.

The LogicNets Design Environment (LDE) provides an URL interface to start the LDE by the DMS. The DMS must provide an interface to load and save projects. The DMS interface are REST services. The LDE allows to configure https and certificates in case the DMS REST interface requires this.

The DMS can also request the LDE to publish a project. The LDE provides a REST service for this purpose. Since the publishing process will take some time this call will return immediately. The LDE will call the DMS to save the published package.

See the following articles for more information:

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